Chest Workout

The Rings-only Chest Routine

The instability of the rings really bring out the muscles in the chest, as they work with adjacent muscle groups to stabilize and coordinate action. Be sure to have a safe exercise area, preferably with a mat. Be wary of fatigue, as you will want to avoid face planting, so use put cushion under your head for the push ups and flys if you are a beginner.


Ring Push Ups 2 x 10

Ring Push UpLower the rings just above the ground. Clasp the rings and get into a normal push up position. Keep the rings near your body as you lower down, don't allow your elbows to flare out. As you push back up, slowly rotate your wrists until your palms are facing you, bringing the rings together, clinking them at the top of the push up. Perform two sets of ten.


Decline Ring Push Ups 2 x 10

 Decline Ring Push Up

Find a chair or platform to put your feet on as you perform the same movement as the Ring Push Up, but with your feet in an elevated position. This exercise will target your upper chest.


Pelican/Deep Ring Push Ups 3 x 5 or fatigue

Pelican Deep Ring Push Up

Raise the rings to knee height. A true pelican push up will require the rings to be even higher, possibly hip height, but that is a very advanced variation we are working toward. Start off in the normal push up position, lowering down and bringing the arms to the side as usual. Instead of stopping when your elbows fully bent, we will go even lower, we turn the rings out and slowly press the rings back and out from us. This is likely where you will max out, and that's fine. Bring the rings back in and push back up. If you try to overdo it, you may fatigue and fall forward, so place a cushion below your head if that is a possibility. For the truly elite, continue pressing your chest forward and extending your arms behind you, feeling the burn in your chest and biceps. If your grip doesn't slide, you can preform the movement in reverse and push back up to complete the pelican ring push up. If you aren't there yet, try the full movement from the knees and using the cushion, it will still give a great workout.


Ring Flys 3 x 5 or fatigue

Ring Flys

Keep the rings at knee height and the cushion just in front of the rings to protect your head in the event of fatigue. Get into push up position on the rings, but extend both rings out sideways away from your body, keeping palms facing inward and trying to maintain straight arms. It is absolutely fine to bend your elbows as necessary; straight arms are something that needs to be worked towards. Continue until your chest is at the height of the rings or you can't go any lower. If you have the strength you can continue a bit lower, feeling your shoulder blades pinch, to add your back muscles to the mix, but don't overextend. Bring the arms back to initial position. If your biceps run out of steam much earlier than your chest, try holding at your lowest position to target your chest. Raise the rings or get on your knees to decrease difficulty, or lower them to the floor to increase difficulty. Adjust difficulty to achieve 2 sets of 10 reps. Your chest and biceps should be burning!


Chest Ring Dips x 12, 10, 8, 6

 Chest Ring Dips

Set the rings just below your chest. Clasp the rings at your hip bones with your palms touching your abdomen. Push down on the rings to lift yourself up until your arms are straight down, elbows locked and body straight. Now lean your chest forward to emphasize your chest in this exercise. Bend your elbows straight back instead of flaring them out sideways. Continue until your elbows form a 90 degree bend, then push back up. For beginners, rings may be lowered to keep your feet on the ground to slightly assist, but be sure to do most of the work with your chest. For a more difficult workout, slowly turn the rings out for a moment at the top after locking elbows. Perform four drop sets going to fatigue, each with 2 less reps than the previous, but aiming for 12 at the start. Don't fail to lower all the way, or else it becomes a triceps exercise.


Single Bar Dips 3 x 8

 Single Bar Dips

Imagine a single horizontal metal bar in front of you, hip height. Clasp the rings on either side, palms facing you, and bring the rings just in front of you in line where the imaginary bar is. Bend your chest slightly over the rings and bring your straight legs up at a slight angle. Bend your elbows and lower your chest down to the rings. Push back up. This is a progression move that will help you perform a muscle up.