Daily Ab Workout


Twice a day!


Daily Ab Workout (Ground Edition):


Ever heard of 7 minute abs? This shouldn't take more than 4. 

We will workout to rhythm of the "Baby Shark" song twice with a break in between.

Boat Hold: the beginning and default position. Sit down and lean back, raising your legs off the ground and raised arms forward. Absolutely keep your back off the ground. Try to keep your legs straight if you can, this increases the difficulty. For the advanced, try ankle weights. 

Baby Shark: Keeping the Boat Hold position, spread your legs out sideways and back together, keeping in rhythm of the song. Don't fall behind! Return to Boat Hold when the words die down.

Mommy Shark: Remaining in Boat Hold, raise alternating straight legs, both your arms raising with them on either side of the knee. 

Daddy Shark: V-ups. Lean back from Boat Hold, your upper back staying off the floor, and your arms down by your side, or behind you, your biceps by your ears. Raise your straight arms and legs together to touch at the top. The latter version is much more difficult. Try not to fall behind. 

Grandma Shark: In the Boat Hold position, bring alternating knees to the chest. For the advanced, throw some torso rotation in there and slap the knee as it comes in.

Grandpa Shark: From the Boat Hold position, bring both knees in at the same time.

Let's Go Hunt: In the Boat Hold position, flutter kick your legs. The advanced may throw in some torso twisting action by forming a finger gun and pointing it on alternating sides.

Run Away: Mountain climbers. Abandon the Boat Hold and get into push up position, bringing alternating knees to the chest. Return to Boat Hold as the music changes.

Safe At Last: In Boat Hold position, wipe your brow with alternating hands, as if relieved. Once again, throw in torso rotation for extra difficulty.

It's the End: In Boat Hold position, throw one arm back, your bicep by your ear, and keep the other straight at the side. Face away from the arm by your ear. Smile and wiggle those fingers. If you still have energy, give a flutter kick. Keep your upper back off the ground, at least until the music 100% stops after the piano riff when you collapse to the ground in agony. One down, one to go!